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Affordable Care Act & You

Mind Numbing Vs Simplified Health Insurance

Mind numbing Affordable Care Act

For an average American person, all the discussions about this healthcare act could be frustratingly confusing. On top of all this, everyday someone makes statementsthat adds to it.

Just look at these published & most talked about facts:

  • Total number of words in ACA is 381,517
  • Total words published by govt is 11, 588, 500
  • 109 Final Regulations are in act
  • It took 10,535 pages to publish the act

and so on.

How is one supposed to make a wise decision if they have to refer to all of the above? How is theaverage US citizen supposed to act when it comes to his or her health insurance with all this government speak?How would one choose the best plan for themself?

There is a way, a simple way.All of our clients are benefitting by following our guidance.

Simplified Health Insurance Act by QQbenefits

There are only 3 scenarios that typically exist:

  • You Need coverage, but don’t have it - Use the marketplace & get it.
  • You already have coverage - You can get new protections if you want.
  • You need coverage, but don’t want to get it - You may have to pay a penalty or fees.

That’s it. Choose your option and we will help you from there.

What is your situation?

1. You Need Coverage, but don’t have it.

Surprisingly, a significantnumbers of Americans are in this situation. They have no insurance for their medical care needs.However, the solution is simple.

  • Use the marketplace & get the health coverage you need. For this, you can get a Free Insurance Quote from our site. Fill in your information & you’ll be presented with the most relevant choices for you.

    2. You already have coverage.

    If you already have coverage, then you can get additional or more affordable protection – if you want. This could be a good opportunity to compare plans or get that additional coverage, regardless of any pre-existing health conditions. It is now the law that you can no longer be discriminated againstor denied for any pre-existing conditions.

    3. You don’t have coverage, and don’t want to get it either.

    In this case, you may need to pay the fees or tax penalties. This depends on your total household income. Pleasecheck with our advisors so that they could guide you regarding your options.But it is in your best interest to get health insurance coverage as soon as possible.

    There you have it. This vast affordable healthcare Act In its most simplified manner.

    Other highlights

    Some other highlights of the law that may be of interest of you –

    • You have more choice than ever – Our clients get to choose among 40,352 health plans from 300+ insurance carriers
    • You can lower your plan premiums – Once you fill out the details, you will be presented with options. And if you qualify, then your premiums may get reduced.
    • Insurance companies can’t deny insurance to you even if you have pre-existing conditions – In the past, you may recall that with a pre-existing condition you were surcharged or denied coverage.Now you can get it irrespective of your current health issues. [Please check this with our Advisors.]
    • Essential benefits – Certain health benefits are considered as essential for everyone to have. These are covered in the marketplace. To get a complete list of essential benefits, have a word withour advisors.
    • Personalized Assistance – You can get all the help needed in finding a plan or deciding on the typeof coverage that’s right for you for free.
    • Plan premiums are the same everywhere because insurance premiums are regulated by law. Nobody nor company can charge you more or less.

    So it doesn’t matter whether you buy from the government site or any other marketing insurance company like ours. You will be paying the same premium everywhere.

    These are just some of the high points that one needs to know. If you have further questions, get in touch with our qualified advisors by phone, email or online contact form.