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Final Expense

As the saying goes there are two things in life that are certain and they are Death & Taxes. A Final Expense plan addresses the need to pre plan for the financial costs associated with when we move on to the other side of eternity.

Planning your last expenses requires careful consideration of all your final needs. Consider how you want to be remembered, where your final resting place should be, whether you wish to be buried or cremated and what type of casket or urn you prefer. Talk with a licensed, reliable funeral director in your community about the cost of the services you require. A funeral director will give you a list of the services and products that it provides. The value of your insurance policy should cover the expense of the package you choose, plus any additional costs.

Securing final expense coverage is relatively easy. You can apply for a simplified issue plan, which requires that you complete a basic medical questionnaire and meet specific qualifications, or for a guaranteed issue plan, which requires no questionnaire or medical exam and guarantees acceptance of your application. Regardless of your decision, rest assured that one of our licensed experts stand ready to assist you in choosing the plan that right for you.

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