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Boomers – The Decade Before Retirement

The pre-retirement decade for Baby Boomers can prove to be a challenging time in light of managing your healthcare needs.

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare has a number of gaps which could mean you could still end up financially devastated due to unpaid services.

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Medicare Advantage

Your Medicare benefits have many gaps in coverage. Medicare Advantage serves as a replacement alternative that covers many of the gaps of Medicare and minimizes your exposure to financial liability.

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Prescription Drugs

One of the many gaps of just Medicare is the minimal coverage for prescription drugs. To address this potentially significant financial liability, the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) is now available.

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Final Expense

As the saying goes there are two things in life that are certain and they are Death & Taxes.  A Final Expense plan addresses the need to pre plan for the financial costs associated with when we move on to the other side of eternity.

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