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With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare, people are more confused than ever. There are horror stories of family premiums approaching $20,000/yr as well as scenarios where others are getting theirs for free. So which is correct?

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Dental, Vision & Hearing Insurance

Visiting the dentist is not our favorite pastime, however, if you do visit your dentist at least once a year then having a dental plan would be advisable.

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Supplemental Medical or Critical Illness Insurance

Supplemental insurance coverage epitomizes what the concept of insurance stands for; to protect you against a future, catastrophic, unforeseen loss.

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Disability Income Insurance

Disability income is the Rodney Dangerfield of medical insurance coverage, it just gets no respect.

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Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance has traditionally been used by those out of work or in between jobs, usually for no more than a few months, hence the name Short Term.

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Limited Medical

Coming Soon

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Accidental Medical Insurance

It matters not if you are in your golden years or a young invincible, ACCIDENTS can and do happen. Why not be prepared.

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43 Fascinating Things You Never Knew

Affordable health insurance act has so many years & man hours in making that it is simply fascinating just to think of it.

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Age 65+ population health insurance

Are you ready to dive into the “Medicare Maze” phase of your health care? As the Baby Boomers age, they are finding there is much to learn and to know about healthplans and how to sign up for the best plan that will suit their own health needs.

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