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Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance - Protection for your entire life

Whole Life insurance is protection for your entire life; as such, it's commonly referred to as permanent insurance. As you might expect, permanent life insurance premiums are more expensive than term premiums because some of the money is put into a savings program. The longer the policy has been in force, the higher the cash value, because more money has been paid in and the cash value has earned interest, dividends or both.

Why would you purchase whole life insurance? Examine the primary benefits this form of coverage offers:

  • Provides for your family in the event of a substantial loss of income – covers mortgage costs, tuition, and other major expenses
  • Access the policy's cash value in emergency situations, or for investment opportunities
  • Accumulates cash value untaxed until you withdraw funds

The amount of Whole Life insurance you may need can only be derived after a licensed professional has had the opportunity to evaluate your needs and goals. One of our professionals would be happy to partner with you in this initiative.

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